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To connect new believers with the local church to facilitate intentional discipleship

In order to maximize the fruit of the Groundwire Campaign in your market, Groundwire is looking to partner with Kingdom-minded churches that are geographically and demographically strategic and can help in connecting people impacted by the campaign with a body of believers.

Instead of reverting back to the traditional model where seekers and new believers are expected to pursue the local church and seek out discipleship, we are looking to Reverse the Model! We are looking for churches that will pursue those asking the right questions and coming to faith through the Groundwire Campaign.

The goal is to create a warm hand-off to an intentional discipleship relationship even before they step foot into the church. Effective follow-up is going to be facilitated by churches, but executed by individuals.

The churches that make great partner churches exhibit the following characteristics

  • Biblical in their approach and teaching

  • Relevant without compromising Biblical standards/convictions

  • Not shocked or judgemental at fringe appearance

  • Effective with Millennials and Gen-Z (culture/community)

  • Embrace discipleship responsibilities with one-on-one relationships

  • A culture of outreach and missions

Church Partnership: A church will be asked to participate in the National Groundwire Outreach by creating awareness in their congregation. There are several ways in which your congregation can get involved.

  • Sign Up: Place church contact information on the church finder below.

  • Choose a Contact Person: Assign a strategic contact (does not necessarily need to be the senior pastor, could be office manager or other staff person) that will help to quickly identify the best entry point for a new believer or person seeking a connection to the church. This person will take responsibility for taking the information of a new believer from the Groundwire team, to hand-off (to the appropriate

  • church staff or member) for follow-up.

  • Pray: Include the Groundwire National Outreach in your prayer communications. Because the outreach is evangelistic and aggressive, prayer is key.

  • Recruit Online Coaches: Whether you choose to share during a service, send an email blast, or utilize other church structures, we ask partnering churches to make the need for coaches known to the congregation. See more info about coaches at

  • Participate Financially: Whether it’s taking an offering, including Groundwire in your monthly mission's budget, or giving a one-time gift, we encourage partnering churches to financially support the efforts in the National Groundwire Outreach.

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