Please provide a name and email address for us to contact someone that may serve as a pastoral/spiritual maturity reference for you. We must have this in order to contact them. We send a reference form and email is the best method to get it to them. This person does not necessarily need to be a pastor, just someone who can speak about your spiritual maturity. This could be a small group leader, ministry team leader, close friend, or significant other.

With the Salvation Experience you provided, we would like to have a more fleshed out story. Would you specifically explain what brought you to a decision and what it was that you believed that saved you? How did this take place in your life?

In the Gospel Presentation, we would like to see a more detailed explanation of the gospel as if you were introducing it to someone who had little or no context for Jesus and Christianity. It is important to include and expound upon all key elements. Please include where the Bible points to that this is what we must have faith in to be saved.

The following needs to be submitted in order to continue in the application process:
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