New market


We would love to work with you to bring Jesus Cares to a market that you are interested in. Below are the steps to get started.


  1. Click below to run a $500 test in the market to determine the way the media is received and determine an anticipated impact of a larger campaign. Name the market of choice in the comments section. (Takes 7-10 days to get results).

  2. Our team will report on the outcomes and work with you to set an appropriate goal (raise and impact) for your city.

  3. We will build a city page that can be utilized to share the opportunity with your city and network.

  4. Work with our team to recruit and mobilize prayer to ensure the effectiveness of this outreach.

  5.  Work with our team to build a network of partner churches ready to engage with new believers and help them in their first steps as Christ-followers.

  6. Our team will report back to you monthly on the raise and impact.

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