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You made the best decision of your life today, and we are celebrating with you! If you meant the words you prayed, then Jesus will never leave you. You don’t need to be afraid about what comes after you die either, because when the time comes He will welcome you into Heaven.

God wants to do more than just give you this gift. He wants you to know Him, and he wants to change your life one step at a time. We want to help you get closer to God, and we’ve created a few short videos to get you started.

When you message us, we will send you a text once a day over the next seven days, with a link to a 2-3 minute video that will introduce you to people just like you who are learning about things like salvation, prayer, how to read the Bible and more.

You might see yourself in their stories, and you can always go back and watch again if you’re struggling with something in the future. To help you keep growing, we will also send one to two texts each month that will encourage you and help with issues you face every day.

To get started, text HOPE to 28323 and we will send the first text today. We never sell any of your information, and if you change your mind, simply reply with STOP.

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