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Even though many of us are required to stay home, even away from churches, God is still reaching the lost and broken

As social distancing has taken affect in many of our communities across the globe and the fear of the unknown grips our hearts, people are looking for hope and they are looking for connection. With the typical places that they turn to closed, including churches, Groundwire is uniquely positioned to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to the hurting and broken.

With the sole focus of reaching people where they are via social media marketing, the ministry of Groundwire is not only still active but it is actually thriving. As individuals are sheltering in place, they are spending significantly more time on their devices - particularly on social media feeds. This creates an even greater opportunity to share the message of the Gospel and an opportunity to chat with someone in real time who can help each one find true hope.

Groundwire is currently seeing record numbers of people requesting a coach in our chat platform and who are responding to the call of salvation on our website. But as the scripture says, the harvest is many but the workers are few so we need your help to bring all of these people home. 

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