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Thursday May 11th.

3pm Eastern
12pm Pacific


Sean Dunn

Founder/President - Groundwire

York Moore

National Evangelist - Intervarsity, USA

Don’t believe the lie...

There has been a lot of discussion over the past couple of years about how to reach Millennials (born 1980-2000). Some call them the “Lost generation.” Some say that they are America’s unreached people group.

I have even been known to say that they are the first generation that avoids the Gospel (my generation ignored it, Millennials do everything they can to avoid it).

But, with all of the conversation that is going on around this topic, I would like to tell you, “Don’t believe the lie.” God is moving amongst the Millennial Generation and there are many places where we are seeing great harvest.

Although there are those who are gifted by the Holy Spirit as evangelists, it is possible for every Christ-centered believer to have an impact on this generation....and it starts by understanding the reasons they aren’t embracing Jesus and helping them overcome those excuses.
It is for that reason that I have invited York Moore, National Evangelist for Intervarsity and a man God is using to lead thousands of Millennials to Jesus, to join me for an online discussion about this very topic.

We are hosting a webinar that you can register for here. It will be on Thursday, May 11th. We’re starting at 3:00 EST or 12:00 Pacific.

York and I can’t wait to share principles that will assist you in impacting the Millennials in your life. Whether you are a parent, teacher, pastor, employer, or a Millennial yourself, you will be encouraged and equipped from our time together.

We expect a lot of questions so we’re building in lots of time for Q&A.