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By saturating the digital media landscape with the message of God's love, we are seeing hearts open to the offer of Jesus and lives transformed. Between 2016 and 2019, we saw 162,861 professions of faith. By the end of 2022 we saw our first 1 MILLION people place their trust in Jesus. But we don't want to stop there! Scroll down to learn more about our impact and where we're headed...

2023 Impact Report


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Professions of Faith

See where we're headed...

Now, with a proven model to reach young adults for Christ through innovative digital strategies, Groundwire is positioned to significantly scale its impact over the next three years to reach 5 MILLION YOUNG PEOPLE by the end of 2025.


As you consider how you can be a part of introducing young people to the life-changing truth of Jesus Christ, please know your prayer and financial investment make all the difference.

How Can I Help?​

PRAY - Receive weekly prayer updates by signing up at


COACH - Join our team of online volunteers at


CHAMPION - Join other champions to share at

INVEST - Currently, we're seeing 3 people come to Christ for every $21 donated. Invest to see more young people come to faith at

Strategic philanthropy opportunities such as stock giving and leveraging your assets through a donor-advised fund are available.
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Check out Bethany's encounter with, one of Groundwire's many digital campaigns.

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